AG Mentors Group

We provide services in the areas of investment design, business management, transport and logistics, analytical research and legal support.




Elyar Ganiev founded AG Mentors Group together with a group of talented representatives of the millennial generation and highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the implementation of investment projects, managing foreign trade operations, conducting analytical and marketing research, developing business and communication strategies.

  • AG Mentors Group preaches the ideas of a green economy and digitalization, with an absolute priority for the development of information technologies, artificial intelligence and alternative energy.

  • Each of the members of this team has the necessary experience in such areas as international relations, international law, political economy, business administration, foreign trade, marketing, logistics, ecology, IT, tourism, industrial technologies and engineering.

  • Highly qualified and authoritative mentoring, extensive experience of the head of the company, allows him to effectively manage a team of specialists in various fields of consulting.


The main activity of the company is investment consulting, which includes a wide range of services related to the organization of the investment process “turnkey”, from the first step to the completion of the project and its further support.

We bring system functional knowledge and proven methods of transforming ideas into various projects.

Partners’ reviews

Carolyn Lamm - Partner, White and Case, Washington, DC

“It is so good to learn of your new consulting company “AG Mentors Group”. We look forward to working with you”.

Elena Son - Executive Director, AUCC

“Thank you so much for all your help and support to the American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce (AUCC)! Our companies think highly of you”.

Udo Völker, Member of the German-Uzbek Business Council, an independent consultant for "CLAAS"

“I am glad to hear that your great experience and your outstanding knowledge will be available on basis of consulting services through your company LLC "AG Mentors Group”.

Falk Porsche, Owner, "Deutsche-Kabel-AG Tashkent" (DKG)

“I am really happy to hear that you changed to private business-sector and your great experiences are now available in your company "AG Mentors Group LLC".You have always been a very good friend for "Deutsche Kabel AG'' and helped and supported a lot in our 25 years of Business on Uzbek Market”.

Kim Young-Gu - Chairman of the Korean-Uzbek Business Association

“I want to convey the warmest congratulations to Mr Elyar Ganiev - Chair of the AGMG, in connection with the establishment of a consulting company and express our desire for future cooperation”.




We provide a wide range of services in the areas of investment legislation, administrative regulation, tax and customs administration, business climate, economics and finance, preparation of feasibility studies, engineering, selection of technologies and equipment, conducting analytical and marketing research on specific topics, searching for potential investors and partners, conducting legal audits, organization of export-import operations (from the preparation of contracts to the promotion of products both in the domestic and foreign markets)

  • Investment consulting
  • Management and business consulting
  • Transport and logistics
  • Analytical consulting and forecasting
  • Communication consulting
  • Legal consulting
  • Protocol services and event management
  • IT-consulting
  • We partner with clients from the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

  • We identify their most valuable opportunities.

  • We solve their important tasks and transform their enterprise into a dynamically developing business.

Our strong qualities:

Extensive experience and knowledge of the mentor in the field of investment, the commitment of the team of young professionals, their creativity and focus on concrete results, a strong planning system, the presence of long-term partnerships with international and foreign financial institutions, banks and leading companies.

AG Mentors Group has experience in consulting, investments, marketing, logistics and trading with foreign and local companies.

Our Partners

Our Partners



Last week, AG Mentors Group, together with Truetzschler Uzbekistan, organized a meeting with Mr. Raghu Gopalakrishnan, CA&BD of Texcoms Textile Solutions (TTS), a Singapore-based consulting company. The company provides a wide range of services to textile enterprises. The nature of these assignments ranges from capacity building, business strategy, textile plant start-up, project management, bringing in savings by business process reengineering (BPR). The meeting was attended by representatives of leading local textile companies, including Paxtakor Gold Textile, Global Textile, Target Textile, Ecostyle Export, Fashion Jeans Garment.


On June 1, 2021, the official delegation of the international IT company "Fantom Foundation" and "AG Mentors Group" announced the creation of a new vector of cooperation for the implementation of blockchain technology in Uzbekistan.


On Monday, April 5th, trilateral negotiations were held together with the Malaysian company Alpha Group, a subsidiary of the Association of Exporters of the Republic of Uzbekistan - Uzexim Capital and the consulting company AG Mentors Group.


AGMG focuses on improving and developing skills of its employees and therfore actively participates in the webinars hosted by the AUCC.


AG Mentors Group has secured exclusive distributorship of NDV-Ultrasonic products in Uzbekistan and CIS region.


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